WE ARE LIVE- you audaciously authentic being you!

I am constantly using discernment to speak on what is needed right now in all of your lives; not just as performers but as humans and I'm super excited to serve all of you in this season. Whether it be a 1-1 strategy session, my signature offer, or group monthly workshop, I am here to help you use your audacious authenticity to book the room, the callback, and the gig!

You're talking to a gal who has worked over 200 projects in under 10 years, excluding my quick stint as a professional fashion model right out of high school. Before I realized I was miserable maintaining a size 0-2 I was able to book ads or editorials in Vibe, Vogue, GQ and more. 





Some of you also may know me as your friendly casting director who has coached for SAG-AFTRA, Actors Connection, Marymount, Philly Actors Lab, NYC Connect, and more! I am also currently a rostered casting director and industry expert with Actors Connection and Broadway Kids. 

In utilizing my methods; my students from newbies to veterans landed an agent and or their first commercial after my class! SAY WHAT? Yes, my friends, and I LOVE TO SEE IT! I want YOU to do that too. 

I'm creating a safe space for you to not only learn but to take in all aspects of your power; physically, spiritually, and mentally; harness it, and use it to book it all. 

I not only care about you as an actor but I truly care for your mental well being as this industry is not one for the faint of heart. In any session with me we will breathe, process, and allow ourselves to be open to the discovery of who we are, because in that is where we find that actor we are truly meant to be. 

Are you down yet?! Then LET'S GET IT! 



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“My session was terrific! Ashley-Lauren was warm, open and very friendly. She gave great re-directs and we had a lot of fun! I appreciated that she had taken the time to look at one of my clips before our appointment and we talked about that before we ‘got to work’. It meant a lot that she did that. I am very grateful to Mandy for allowing me to be introduced to a CD I hadn't met yet. Per her request, I've submitted her my materials and we're both hoping to get to work together soon! Thank you so much!”

Adena, from the Netflix series "Sweet Magnolias"


I am here to help you do just that. Whether you're just starting out and need all of the direction, or a veteran who just can't seem to get past a certain point. I am here to help you get inside of a casting directors mind, understand what the production is looking for, which most cases they never truly know, and how to woo them YOUR way when all of the possibilities are on the table. 

I am not a Casting Director that likes to be a gatekeeper, I like to be the one telling all of the secrets so more of you can book and cultivate the dream career you deserve. 

You and I invest so much into this industry, which can be a cold industry at that. It's not for the faint of heart, but could be a lot healthier and positive, if only more in power would truly help those in need. That is why I exist, that is why this brand was created. 

A safer and more effective industry starts with us, and it starts with truly being a collective and breaking all of the rules. That is what makes this coaching program different, and why those who have worked with me only after one session have found great success. 



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My own father George who started off as a complete novice over six years ago with zero credits. Now having over 50 credits from union commercials to major print ads in only under six years! Client bookings for Goose Island, ReddiWhip, AARP, and much more.

George Jr.

Film Slate Marker


My Audacious Career Leap: is created for the newbie or veteran actor or model in need of true support. An investment worth your time that will sky rocket your confidence and RESULTS. 

This is one of the safest and most reliable ways to avoid scams and investing in several different areas when you can get it all in one scoop. This is something I was blessed to have when I started out, and helped get me where I am today to work with one loyal person, rather than jump around and figure it out.


  • 10: 2 Hour sessions. 1 per week.

  • Career analysis and strategy. 

  • Self-tape training and confidence.

  • Audition prep for success. 

  • Mindset shift exercises. 

  • Acting/Model Profile audit and editing if needed. 

  • Headshot and comp evaluations. (honesty is the best policy) 

  • Website evaluation and/or page build.

  • The Talk: How to land and agent and manager.

  • The Talk: Social Media, needed? Not needed? Creating content and how to monetize it. 

  • Weekly insider tips and tricks most don't know about; ie how to get free top tier reel footage and network with great industry pros at the same time! 

  • All of your burning questions answered about how to be an actor entrepreneur with a thriving career. 



My Audacious Coaching 1-1 Pack is simply and only for audition, self-tape prep, and filming. 

  • 5: 2 HOUR Sessions, 1 per week. 

  • Scene Work 

  • Self-tape set-up 

  • Dressing the part styling consultation 

  • Audition reader being your friendly neighborhood casting director. 

  • Self-tape filming

  • Self-tape editing tips )if needed) 

* VALUED AT 5,000 

* YOU PAY $500.