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Visionary Woman Productions




We are women passionate about disrupting the media industry with innovative solutions.

Our Emmy-nominated team is dedicated to producing projects and partnerships that solve real-world problems.

Through our cutting-edge approach, we believe we will make even more of a significant impact in the market. 


Visionary Woman Productions DNA is fully infused with creating change in the world through media, marketing, and entertainment.


We believe the art we create and the clients we align with should be a part of a much bigger picture to bring a certain level of vibrancy, sustainability, healing, and connectivity to the world.


As a CSA survivor, Ashley-Lauren has built a reputation and foundation around the globe as a leader and educator dedicated to finding real solutions to the prevention of child SA and the skyrocketing suicide rates tied to a generational trauma that lies within our country.

We are fully equipped in the art of project management and efficient production. From full creative concept development, strategic planning, scriptwriting, music production, casting, and overall logistics, we are here to fully support the vision of your next commercial campaign, film, or TV project from pre-production to the silver screen.

Full-Service Production
Film + Commercial

We are PACKED with 15 years of casting talent and influencers for your projects.

Our passion for finding talent and story development creates seamless campaigns with diverse people, bodies, and faces that speak to viewers in any medium. Due to our extensive network of up-and-comers, mega-influencers, athletes, celebrities, agencies, and more, we can assure you that we have the right actors, models, influencers, pets, real everyday people, and more to complete your project with ease. 

Casting Development 

Influencer Marketing

Branded content is our love language! Collaborating with some of the biggest brands to strategically create organic content that cultivates community, elevates brand awareness, and converts to sales. Including social campaigns, B2B, B2C, C2C, and UGC. 

Branded Content Production


Nurturing VISIONS. Cultivating COMMUNITY. Elevating CULTURE.


Client Praise

Ashley is an amazing colleague! Her warm spirit brightens any production set or work setting. I have worked with her in the art department personally, but her photography, modeling, and management skills are just as stellar. Above all her compassion for people and work with abuse survivors speaks volumes of her character. Would hire her and VWP anytime!

Kerri Lynn, Production Designer

They were the first casting directors I came to for services and I’m glad I got to experience casting through their lens. Even through the pandemic, they managed effortlessly and efficiently to see the casting through from beginning to end. The service and experience you truly can’t buy anywhere else, it’s the team who makes it memorable and easygoing. 

Gabriel Guzman, Director, Producer: Guzman Films

Ashley-Lauren and VWP are creative dynamos! Their numerous experiences in different parts of the entertainment industry give them a unique and well-rounded perspective that can benefit many. Their warmth and generosity coupled with natural positive energy have made them a great addition to our team of educators at Actors Connection!

Colleen Kahl, President: Actors Connection

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