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Visionary Woman Productions.

Nurturing VISIONS. Cultivating COMMUNITY. Elevating CULTURE.
Creating JOY in the chaos through AUTHENTIC and VIBRANT content.

We Are a Women-Owned Production Company

At Visionary Woman Productions, we are wildly passionate about nurturing visions to life. Our team of diverse and talented women are dedicated to creating joy in the chaos by telling powerful stories that connect with your audience. We help you take up space of true influence with our unique approach to visual storytelling, and have been doing so since 2011.

The company prides itself on full-service expertise in the film, media, and marketing realm with dynamic capabilities in managing and producing vibrant and impactful content, casting development, and social content development. In working alongside some of Hollywood’s most established players, productions, agencies, and some of the biggest brands, VWP is quickly building momentum as one of the up and coming independent production and media companies on an international scale.


The company’s dedication to excellence in film and media shines through in their remarkable achievements, including our team creating branded content for renowned campaigns such as Dove's "Cost of Beauty," which received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Commercial in 2023. Along with wins for some of the most prestigious festivals, including Catalyst International, Bushwick Film Fest, and LAFF, just to name a few.


VWP holds true to one vision, and that is to produce fruitful content and partnerships with those looking to be a light in the world; creating safer spaces, communities, movements, and content that will last a lifetime.

Branded Content. Film. Commercial. Editorial.



We are fully equipped in the art of project management and production development.

From creative concept development, strategic planning, scriptwriting, music production, casting, and overall logistics, we are here to fully support the vision of your next campaign, brand story, or film project from pre-production to the silver screen.

What We Do


We love casting talent and inspirational non-actors for commercial, editorial, scripted and non-scripted projects, and we love developing effective casting strategies even more. Collaborating with brands on casting and story development strategy based on marketing goals is our passion for longevity in creating seameless campaigns that speaks to viewers. From up and comers, mega-influencers, athletes, celebrities, and more, we have the network to take your content to the next level with the right talent.



Branded content is our love language! Collectively we hold over 15 years of experience in media and marketing for live events and the digital space, collaborating with some of the biggest brands to strategically create organic content that cultivates community, elevates brand awareness, and converts to sales. Including social campaigns, UGC, and top-tier commercial promos.


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Ashley-Lauren Elrod
Founder I Executive Producer + Creative Development

Ashley-Lauren Elrod founded VWP in 2011. Her skills of expertise includes but are not limited to executive content producer, videographer, photographer, film producer, casting director, director, production designer, screenwriter, and music producer in whom possess the unique and strong resume with over 13 years of experience.


She's known as an upcoming industry dynamo by many of her peers, and leads with the true heart of diversity, safety, and inclusivity in all parts of entertainment, media, marketing and advocacy.

Megan Miller, VP of Development and Casting, Visionary Woman Productions
Megan Miller
VP of Development + Casting

Meg is an award winning dynamic entertainment professional known for her expertise in project management, casting, and development.

Meg's portfolio include a wide range of projects, from street casting to studio castings, finding nonprofessionals and actors for ad campaigns as well as historical and true crime reenactment programs.

As a Senior Casting Producer, she has collaborated with global brands, agencies, and talent to create impactful U.S. and International commercials, digital content, and print work.
Olivia Steur, Visionary Woman Productions Brand Development and Photography
Olivia Steur
Brand Development +

Olivia was never one to take the traditional route when it came to career paths.  She studied journalism in school, which somehow led to sales which led to marketing which turned into her photography career.  

Fast forward and now she creates high end, editorial, creative photography for brands who are ready to LEVEL UP their vibes. 
Alia O'Neill
Marketing + Business Development

University of Connecticut School of Business alumni, Alia has a passion for creativity, design, and growth drivers in the marketing industry.


She is motivated by learning and contributing to all aspects of business growth, including but not limited to marketing, client relationships, brand, and consumer insights. She is always eager to explore new opportunities and challenges in the marketing, lifestyle, culture, art, fashion, food and beverage, and retail sectors.


Visionary Woman Productions
Visionary Woman Productions


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Visionary Woman Productions DNA is fully infused with creating change in the world through media, marketing, and entertainment.


We believe the art we create and the clients we align ourselves with should be a part of a much bigger picture to bring a certain level of vibrancy, sustainability, healing, and connectivity in the world.


We our dedicated advocates, sponsors, and board members of the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center, helping to prevent and raise awareness of child abuse and child trafficking.


  • We are certified and accredited by the AACC of Mental Health Professionals, active in the advocacy and awareness of the mental health crisis.

  • Certified first responders in CPR/First Aid/AED .

  • We are dedicated to the DEI initiative


In our mission to create a safer world through arts and entertainment, we strive for that same mission on and off our sets, in our meetings, and beyond.


In signing on with VWP for your next project, you will not only be partnering with this initiative creatively but philanthropically as well.

10% of your fee will go directly to the Chicago CAC or our future program the VWP Creator Fund which will aid in supporting up and coming creatives in under-represented communities.


Our Clients Say

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Ashley-Lauren and VWP are creative dynamos! Their numerous experiences in different parts of the entertainment industry gives them a unique and well-rounded perspective that can benefit many. Their warmth and generosity coupled with a natural positive energy has made a great addition to our team of educators at Actors Connection!

Colleen Kahl, President, Actors Connection

Partner with Us

Team VWP are excited to partner with you to create content that speaks volumes! Please use the contact form or email to drop us a line, and let's build this partnership!


We are honored to be partnered with Brava Studios in Oxford London!

New York - Los Angeles - London - Atlanta - Chicago


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10:00 am – 6:00 pm


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